When you hear the word sports you probably think basketball, baseball, or football. When you read fitness you may imagine intense daily workouts at a gym (we’ve all seen the ads for the P90X® or Insanity® fitness programs). As a person with a bleeding disorder you may not be able to participate in these activities.

The next time you hear the words sports and fitness, consider that physical activity—through safe sports and exercises—will strengthen your musculoskeletal system and reduce extra weight. The real benefit: your joints will become more stable and you’ll be less likely to have bleeds and pain.

A Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) study showed that being overweight was strongly associated with limited joint range-of-motion. This was true regardless of the severity of the bleeding disorder. However, it’s not just about being overweight. Do you ever get tired just from climbing up a flight of stairs or does that walk down the hall feel like it keeps getting longer and longer?

Here are just a few of the benefits of being physically fit:

  • It increases your energy level.
  • It boosts your mood and attitude.
  • It helps your body adjust to even routine activities that can cause a bleed and other complications, especially in joints and muscles weakened by lack of movement.

How comfortable are you with physical activity? Just like a car, you can’t start off at 55 mph. You’ll need to work your way through the gears. Everyone has to start at zero and work up at different rates. You will get there! Do you have some limitations? An honest assessment of your fitness level will help you reach your goals quicker.

New Friends and New Beginnings

Just because you have had some bad experiences with fake friends does not mean that you should not open up your heart and mind to new ones. There are good friends out there that are ready to be open and true to you. You may meet them at work, school, or at the grocery store. You never know when you are going to meet someone truly meaningful. Over time you will be able to pick out the good eggs from the bad ones and give the good ones your full and complete attention.

A true friend will give you their full attention when you need it most, be it through new beginnings or rough endings. If you are able to give the same back to them they will be your friend for a long time.

Some of the most important relationships that you will build throughout your life start out as acquaintances and turn into true friendships. Not everyone is out to get you or betray you in some way. There are true friends out there waiting to be kind to you.

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