What’s the best job around? The one you can do from anywhere, of course! And if you’re a tech guru, you’ve got more options than you think.

Whether you’re traveling to the east coast for Christmas, busy feeding Cheerios to a three-year-old in your pajamas or merely looking for a way to keep a simplified schedule while earning extra cash, telecommuting tech jobs certainly have a plethora of perks.

More and more people are looking to sip coffee on their porch while writing code or developing apps, as working from home has grown by nearly 80 percent in the United States between 2005 and 2012, according to Global Workplace Analytics. Many telecommuters are needed and will remain in-demand for everything from IT support to computer engineering to web development. Technology is here to stay, folks, and so are these up-and-coming careers.

Now that we have your attention, let’s take a deeper look at a few of these work-from-home tech jobs. We broke down six of these careers using a combination of Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data and expert insight. Browse through the list below to find the perfect fit for you!

Computer programmer

Median annual salary*: $74,280

Projected growth (2012 – 2022): 8%

Computer programmers write and review code, examine and investigate issues that computer users experience and administer experimental trials of new programs, apps, and software.

“From the ‘writing code’ perspective, working at home has many benefits,” says Mike Scanlin, CEO of Born to Sell. “By far the number one [benefit] is quiet, concentrated time [that is] not interrupted by chatter or other office noise.” He says working in a quiet space is helpful when writing code and working through complicated, intricate computer matters.

Computer user support specialist

Median annual salary: $48,900 

Projected growth (2012 – 2022): 17% 

A computer user support specialist is the friendly person who helps you diagnose your technology issue and aids in solving the problem. He or she may download new software onto your computer, assist with technical confusion or simply walk you through steps in a certain program. As more and more of the world leans heavily on technology, support to help users with the shift is more than necessary.

You’ve probably become accustomed to helping others since you’ve become a parent. Assisting your own children with everything from getting dressed to solving math problems has given you tremendous patience, which is instrumental in this position. Working from home as a user support specialist will give you the opportunity to help others from afar while still being available to help those closest to you—it ‘s a win-win situation! All of these jobs provide you with excellent opportunities for the long run.

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