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Partnering with my wife led to the making of the perfect singing duo

My wife and I are musicians, our relationship was begun during a musical competition and has been built on our mutual passion for music. I met my wife during an annual party organized by the company where I wor
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Sound health through proper personal care is the key for longer life

Life on earth is a small period of time for every individual. We are all allowed a brief window where we come and enjoy the beautiful natural endowments on earth and then we move on to other spiritual worlds. W
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Handing down the gift of music within the family

I was born in a humble home and raised through difficulties. My parents struggled to raise eight kids from meagre profits which they got from selling farm products that we grew on our small farm. With quite som
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Shopping for new musical equipment for our church

I love doing voluntary work especially for the good of society. I have participated in many campaigns to help the needy in society and I always feel quite good about going out of my way to help other people. I
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More about the guitar and its accessories

Playing the guitar is a skill that I rate higher than playing any other musical instrument. I figure that to be truly awesome, one has to become one with the guitar to produce the very best quality music. The d