When I completed my college education, I had high hopes of quickly joining a great music school where I would be able to impart my knowledge on talented pupils who would go on to conquer the world of music.

As you have probably already guessed, I studied music and I wanted to be a music teacher. Ever since I was a young girl, music had been my passion. I had also realized that I had some talent in playing musical instruments. I could play the old Yamaha keyboard at home by the age of seven and soon after, I learnt to play the guitar in church. I was however quite aware that although I was talented, there were other people who were far more talented than I was. It would take a lot of effort to compete with these naturally endowed whizzes.

I had a love for teaching which I had probably inherited from my mother who was also a teacher. So when I had to choose a career path in college, I had gladly chosen teaching and specifically set my sights on teaching music. If I could not be a great musician, then I would capitalize on my teaching passion and my little musical talent to help kids become great maestros.

My hopes were very high and my desire to start working was great. Therefore, when I stayed for six months without getting any invite to any of the schools I had applied for, I was quite dejected. I however did not give up on my dream. I realized that probably one of the reasons that I had not gotten a job was because I had been very choosy when applying for a teaching position. I had chosen schools that were within my locality.

I did not want to be posted far away from home. I shared a strong bond with my mother and could not imagine moving off far away and not being close to her. As such, I wanted to work in our locality or close by.

As the months passed by, I decided I had to do something about my situation. I had heard about private music schools for children but had not seen one in our locality. Our township had many kids and I figured that there was some potential for a private music school for children. I decided I could make some money teaching private students from home while I waited to get a job in one of my preferred schools.

I printed some advertisements which I distributed around our township. Within a week I had received over 20 phone calls inquiring about my services. After 10 days since my advertisements, a parent enrolled her twins to my class. They were two lovely girls who were brought up very well. They were polite and quite disciplined. I had a very easy time with them.

After a few more days, three other kids were enrolled to my class. Soon I had a full class. With the great reception I had received, I decided to buy a beginners digital piano for the kids, a small guitar, a flute, a small drum set, and other musical instruments designed for children.

With time I might need to hire a proper premise for my school. Maybe I do not need to be employed after all!

Starting my private music school for kids after failing to get a job Credit Picture License: honors orchestra via photopin cc

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