Life on earth is a small period of time for every individual. We are all allowed a brief window where we come and enjoy the beautiful natural endowments on earth and then we move on to other spiritual worlds. When we are here on earth, it is important that we try and maximize the time when we are here. Although there are some unavoidable accidents or conditions that my prematurely end our life on earth, many times it is upon us, every one as an individual, to look out and protect their life so as to live as long as possible.

Having a long life on earth does not always involve looking out and avoiding hazards that may prematurely terminate our life. Although we are able to avoid premature death through car accidents, death through poor handling of machines, death through exposure to bad weather, death due to ingestion of harmful substances, or other deaths that are as a result of harmful exposure, there are more subtle things that we need to observe closely so as ensure we have a long life on earth.

One of the greatest things that would determine your life expectancy from birth while on earth is your personal health. Health is the condition where your body’s functional and metabolic functions are at optimum. When the body is not in this condition, it is likely to suffer some disorders that will shorten your life expectancy.

Personal health can be observed by firstly ensuring that one feeds on the right kinds of foods. The right kind of food means a diet that has all the nutrients that the body needs. Some examples of crucial nutrients needed for optimum body health include carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids, among others. All these nutrients should be consumed in the right amounts if the body is to be able to manage all its functions correctly.

Apart from the health of the physical body, an individual should also ensure that they have proper psychological health. Psychological health usually refers to the health of the mind. Today many people are unwell due to psychological problems that are usually a result of stress.

One way of dealing with psychological problems is music. Music has been known to soothe and heal mental issues. For example, mental institutions advocate for soothing music as a remedy for some of the cases. Many times players of musical instruments are called upon to go and provide musical therapy for patients in mental institutions.

Music can however also lead to mental disorders. Music that has a theme of sorrow, horror, depression, anger, or violence can be a catalyst for mental issues. People who have such issues will many times love to hear highly amplified music. This loud music can be detrimental to the mental health and can also cause damage to the hearing system. Such music may also cause too much burden to the heart since the music will cause great emotional disturbance that may be stressful for the heart.

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