I love doing voluntary work especially for the good of society. I have participated in many campaigns to help the needy in society and I always feel quite good about going out of my way to help other people. I am also very active when it comes to church activities. I am a committed member in my church. I am strongly founded in my Christian believes. I believe that Christianity is not only about professing the religion but also living a life that clearly demonstrates Christianity.

I am also part of the church choir. The church choir in our small church is made up of a few individuals who have sacrificed their time to come and sing together. We come together and practice songs that we then present on Sundays or during special functions. Mostly however, the choir sessions are fun sessions where we come together to praise the Lord and to just enjoy the singing.

Since the church is not very old and is not very established, we only have the basic equipment that is just sufficient to support the service meetings. As the choir group, we sat down and decided that we would come together and contribute towards buying some additional musical gadgets that would make our singing better and accentuate the services. We also wanted to buy a better public address system that would be able to produce better quality and amplify the sound to a larger audience.

Some of the instruments that we lacked were an acoustic guitar, an electric bass guitar, an extra keyboard to accompany the existing keyboard, and if possible a drum set. We also needed to buy some more microphones and a sound mixer to go along with the amplifier. This would ensure that the sound was clearly audible around the church.

Being one of the most outgoing members of the choir, the lot fell upon me to go out and do some due diligence of what the market offered in terms of what was on our shopping list. One of our main concerns was that although we wanted to get as much as possible, we did not have much funds. This however did not mean that we would settle for poor quality.

The tough task of having to get a balance of all this therefore fell on me. I did not have any prior experience of shopping for musical appliances. I did not have a clue of some of the functionalities of the things that we wanted to buy, but having been chosen I readily agreed. Looking back at the group I could in any case see that I would be much better off than the rest of them.

Lucky for me there was the internet. I used the internet to familiarize myself with most of the musical appliances on the list. The internet was very good since it gave me a lot of details on the individual appliances. It also gave me some of the probable prices of the items. However, I still had to go out and visit some of the music stores so that I could get the exact costs of the music appliances on the ground.

Shopping for new musical equipment for our church Credit Picture License: Harlem Gospel Night via photopin cc

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