My wife and I are musicians, our relationship was begun during a musical competition and has been built on our mutual passion for music.

I met my wife during an annual party organized by the company where I work. I work for a multinational oil company. The company has many branches in the country and has about four outposts in our locality. The party, which was a tradition that was repeated every year is usually an event organized by the four outposts. During these parties there is usually a session where we have a competition between the four stations. The type of competition varies every year. The year when I met my wife-to-be, the competition that had been decided upon was a karaoke singing competition.

Each outpost had to provide three contestants from three different departments to compete. Our IT department was touted to be the most outgoing department in out station. We had helped win many trophies for our station before and so it was obvious that we had to provide a contestant.

I had not participated before in any of the competitions. I am a rather quiet guy and not quite athletic. Many competitions usually had some athletic aspect and I had avoided being involved. However, this time the lot fell squarely on me to represent our post. I had made the mistake of, during a previous party, making a mistake by saying that the only thing I was good at was singing. I had not thought that they would one time make a singing competition.

During the competition, I had easily beaten the other contenders and had reached the final. During the final I came up against one of the loveliest ladies I had ever seen in my life. I had not seen her before since she had joined the company just a few months before.

After the competition, which she had won thanks to her hypnotizing me, I made a point of approaching her and we spent the rest of the night chatting together. We bonded so strongly during the party that I asked her for a date on the coming weekend. She agreed and that started our relationship.

During our courtship we spent most weekends together. We would visit nature parks, take long walks or we would go off camping together. We even synchronized our vacation periods so as to travel together.

During out times together, singing was our number one fun activity. Our singing was soon accompanied by my guitar playing. I knew how to play the guitar which really impressed my wife and so I started always carrying my old guitar with me. I decided to get a new guitar when I came across the review of fender blues jr guitar.

Our singing became so good and we would often entertain guest whom we were travelling with. Soon we started having invites from people within our locality. People would invite us to sing at their special functions. With time, we had to buy musical equipment especially when we realized that we could make good money from our services. We decided to buy the best base amplifier and the best PA system to ensure we could perform at large crowds.

Partnering with my wife led to the making of the perfect singing duo Credit Picture License: Crossing Border 2011 – Trevor Moss & Hannah-Lou via photopin cc

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