Playing the guitar is a skill that I rate higher than playing any other musical instrument. I figure that to be truly awesome, one has to become one with the guitar to produce the very best quality music. The design with which one holds the guitar supports my view. Unlike other musical instruments one hugs the guitar close to the heart while playing. The motions of playing the guitar are also likened to gently stroking and caressing the instrument.

When shopping for a guitar, one has to shop for a guitar that closely fits his or her own particulars. For example, if you are small, you will buy a small sized guitar. A larger person will buy a larger guitar. The size of the strings also vary, for example, ladies may prefer a guitar that has strings that are not as thick as the customary guitar. Some ladies also prefer to get lighter guitars and guitars that have cushioned straps that do not cut into the skin.

There are two main types of guitars, there are acoustic guitars and electric guitars. Acoustic guitars are guitars that amplify the sound of the vibrating strings through air. Electric guitars are guitars that amplify the sound of the vibrating strings through electric functionalities.

The guitar is played by plucking the strings using the fingers or using a plastic piece. One can also play the strings by drumming on them. Some guitar players combine strumming of the strings with drumming on the body especially for the acoustic guitars.

With advancement in technology, there have been inventions that have helped in the amplifying of the guitar sounds. The guitar as it is cannot produce sound loud enough to be heard by many people within a given area. This has brought about the development of guitar sound amplifiers. There are two types of guitar amplifiers.

Vacuum tube or valve amplifiers; these are amplifiers that use valves or vacuum tubes to amplify the sound of the guitar. Vacuum tube amplifiers use up a lot of energy in terms of currency although they are known to produce much better quality of sound in terms of tone. Vacuum tube amplifiers are also better when it comes to highly amplified sounds that get to clipping, the clipping effects are better managed by vacuum tube amplifiers that end up producing better sound quality.

Vacuum tube amplifiers are however more expensive and are not as durable as solid state guitar amplifiers.

Solid state guitar amplifiers; Solid state amplifiers use solid electric gadgets such as diodes and transistors to magnify the sound. Solid state guitar amplifiers are less expensive as compared to vacuum tube amplifiers. They are also more reliable and are easier to carry around since they are smaller and lighter as compare to valve amplifiers.

Many top professional guitarists and sound producers use vacuum tube amplifiers. However, the question of what is the best tube amp can only be determined by considering how you want to use the sound, where to use the sound, and how much money you are willing to spend.

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