The world is today has many huge cities which today house a great percentage of the world’s population. Today, unlike in the past, the cities and urban centers are the centers for most of the human activities. In the past the people were interested in living in the agriculturally rich lands so that they could be able to grow and produce food. This has changed as people today depend on specialized employment to get money that will help them meet their needs. These employment opportunities are to be found in the cities and urban areas.

More and more people are moving to the city to find employment. As more people move into the city, there is need to have more housing facilities to house these people. As such, we see more and more housing projects being built within the city areas. The space around cities is however limited and not very many new housing projects can be initiated.

With the increasing need for housing and the limited availability of building space, it becomes apparent that the people should be housed in smaller apartments so that more people can be housed within a given area.

Today more and more houses are being built in very small sizes. The apartments are now being built with less emphasis being given to luxuries such as having a roomy house. Today people are being housed in apartments that provide just the room necessary to house the important belongings such as the bed, some seats, and other important household stuff such as the refrigerators and cookers.

For the urban dweller who wants to live in such a house, he or she has to invest in belongings that will conveniently make use of the limited space. For example one might need to invest in furniture such as futons which can double as a bed and as a couch. One will also need to avoid investing in very large appliances that use up unnecessary space. For example, if one is living in solitary, one does not need a huge dishwasher; small dishwashers will conveniently provide all the dishwashing needs of a single person.

Huge appliances such as the big dishwasher will only take up a lot of storage room and inconvenience the owner’s ability to have more important appliances such as microwaves, food processors, and toasters.

With the increase in demand for homes, housing has become very expensive. Many times people are opting to share houses so that they can share in paying the rent. Some people are even opting to sublet their houses to get some money to help them pay for the rent.

A new way of living today is the use of shipping containers as homes. Shipping containers make very good homes that are very affordable. A shipping container can be modified to provide a home that is quite exquisite. The shipment container home however still faces the problem of scarcity of land. Despite being so affordable, the container has to be put on a piece of land.

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