I work as a tourist guide. I am lucky since my career involves doing what I love. Many people cannot say the same.

Many people work in jobs that are purely for the purpose of helping them make a living. Most of the people actually hate what they do for work. I imagine that for them, every morning they wake up with the dread of a terrible day ahead. This must be an awful life! What joy is there in such kind of a life? Many people endure this torturous periods at work with the hope of finally getting some relief when they go for vacation. During vacation many travel to far away countries to enjoy the attractions found in other places.

This is where I come in. I am a tourist guide in Kenya. I help tourist coming to this glorious country to have the best time of their lives. Travelling around Kenya without my help would still be a great experience since the country is loaded with all kinds of mesmerizing natural endowments that would leave an indelible pleasurable memory for any visitor. I however provide my customers with extra benefits that make tourists get the most comfortable and rewarding experience that will make them want to always come back for more.

One the things that I make sure I provide for the visitors is quality information about all the attractions in Kenya. Visiting under my guidance, tourists can be assured of coming out with the most in terms of knowledge about everything they see in Kenya. I am well read in all the wildlife in the country. I am quite familiar with all the physical features, and I am well acquainted with the people of Kenya. I am even quite good at the local Swahili language which is one of the country’s national language.

Many of the elite tourists coming to Kenya are from North America or Europe. Since I am an Englishman raised up in North America, I have an exceptional advantageous edge while interacting with the visitors. I am able to communicate better than other guides and I can anticipate their needs better.

I also try to provide additional entertainment for my customers. I am an enthusiast of music and love to play the guitar. I am actually quite good at playing the guitar. I always pack one of the best travel guitars with me. I have a beautiful Taylor GS mini guitar that I always carry with me in my tourist van. Whenever we are out in a camp or when we are relaxing after a meal, I often strike up a common party tune. My voice is not so bad and soon the other tourists join in. I have come to notice that tourists love this very much especially at night when they are around the camp fire while out camping in the African Sahara.

Apart from my Taylor Gs mini guitar I also carry other items that might come in handy during the trips around the Kenya nature reserves. For example, I pack a fishing rod for the visiting angler who might want to experience fishing in Africa.

Loving my tourist guide job as I provide the perfect experience for my customers Credit Picture License: via photopincc

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