Yesterday I turned 38. My wife and kids had a great birthday party for me. My daughters sang for me and my wife baked me a lovely lemon cake. At the office, they also had a surprise for me. They all broke into song just after our morning meeting and they also had a huge chocolate cake for me. It was a nice day for me.

As I went to bed. I couldn’t help looking back at my life as a kid. I am now 38 years old. One could say that my life is pretty comfortable with my lovely family, good home, good job, good health and pretty good friends. I wondered at the huge difference in my current life and my childhood dreams and aspirations.

I am a manager at the software company where I work and I must say that I have been quite successful. Since when I was employed at the company the fortunes of the company have drastically changed. I have a God given talent of management. Combined with my passion for software development, I just know how to produce the best software solutions for the market. I also know how to deal with people and therefore know how to deal with staff. I was brought up as the last born in a large family of rough unruly siblings and if I wanted anything I had to employ some diplomacy.

My success however at work and in my family are however not what I had envisioned when I was a young kid. And usually the childhood dreams rarely fade away forever. While growing up, one of the things that I really wanted to be was a country music singer. My father had some cowboy music records that I loved to listen to. The romantic stories the musicians sang about made me long to be a cowboy.

One of the major things that drove my desire was the magnetism of the guitar. I found the guitar to be an amazing musical instrument. I was especially awed at the effect a guitarist had on the ladies. I vowed to learn playing the guitar.

True to my word, I had gone on to learn the guitar. I had actually become a very good player. I had bought a guitar from a pawn shop using savings I had accumulated over a long period of time. I had become very close to the guitar.

Then college and football came.

When I joined college my love for the guitar was replaced by football. Being a talented football player, the attention I got as a football hero were much more than what I got from playing the guitar.

Playing football stopped after college when I started working and had a family.

Coincidentally this morning while surfing through the internet, I came across a guitar website. On it there was a Seagull s6 review. The picture of the guitar resembled my old guitar so much that it brought back long forgotten memories. It made me realize that deep in my heart, I still have some love for the guitar and the cowboy.

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