As technology is slowly on the rise, there is a real need for qualified personnel who will work hand in hand to ensure that the technology is not only well spread but also well maintained and fixed in case of any breakdowns. A good example of this is a dialysis technician. These professionals have the benefit of working in the medical field but with a touch of technology too; this is the ideal position for people who are technical minded and want to work in the field of medicine without becoming a physician.

A dialysis technician has got the following basic functions:

  • Monitoring the dialysis equipment
  • Repair and maintenance of the dialysis equipment
  • Acting as a caregiver to the patient who is receiving the dialysis treatment.

This is a good career choice as it does not take long to study, does not have much pressure and the pay is good. To become a dialysis technician, one has to acquire a degree in a community college that will take two semesters. The job is not as demanding as a doctor’s job as it only requires one to deal with a specialized branch of the entire medical field. A dialysis technician also needs to prepare the patient both physically and emotionally before and after the dialysis treatment. The technicians are trained to deal with patients throughout the process and offer them the best care through this process.

Another area that is also closely related is training to be an EKG technician. An EKG technician is a person who is well trained in dealing with the monitoring of heart pulses and rate by connecting the patient to an EKG machine. An EKG technician puts a lot of hours in a week into their work and can sometimes even be on call especially with patients who have heart attacks.

An EKG technician is usually trained by their employer once hired; in most cases 4-6 weeks training is required before the technician can commence work. Some, however, can take up a one-year certificate training program and are mostly preferred by on employers as compared to the ones who do an on the job training. The main duties of an EKG technician are as follows:

  • Record the EKG readings
  • The technicians also perform stress tests on the patient
  • The technician should also provide test data results to the physician
  • An EKG technician needs to supervise test procedures that are carried out on the patient
  • An EKG technician can also help with monitoring tests that are carried out on the patient.
  • An EKG technician is also trained to prepare the patient psychologically in conscious cases before and after the procedure is done.
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