I was born in a humble home and raised through difficulties. My parents struggled to raise eight kids from meagre profits which they got from selling farm products that we grew on our small farm. With quite some determination, my father was able to ensure that we all got some education. I was able to eventually train and qualify to become a teacher. A profession I had always admired.

After a few years of working as a teacher in one of the local schools near our home, I met my knight in shining armor. My soon to be husband was then a government social worker who was going around the public schools inspecting them. When he came to visit our school, the lot fell on me to take him around the school. Little did we know that this would be the beginning of a glorious time together.

My husband and I have been married for forty years. My marriage to my dear husband has helped me achieve all that I would have ever dreamed of. We are blessed with four children and three grandchildren. My youngest daughter is the only child who is not yet married.

After getting married, I continued teaching. This was a profession that I loved. I loved being around kids and loved imparting knowledge on the young generation.

Music was the main subject that I taught. Although I taught other subjects, music soon became my main area. This was because there weren’t many music teachers by then and I happened to be the only music teacher in the school.

Music had been a passion that I had developed ever since when I was a little kid. Every evening before having dinner we would come together as a family and sing songs and then pray. My father had an accordion that he would play and later he also bought a guitar. My mother and our eldest brother would play the guitar interchangeably. Later I would also learn.

The music sessions were so glorious. We all loved and looked forward to the sessions. We also sang as a family in church. We formed the nucleus of our church choir. Many times people had urged us to start recording music as a family.

It was clear to me that music ran in our family genes. Each of us had some special talent ether in singing or playing an instrument. Two of my siblings went on to join music groups as vocalists. Our youngest son is a pianist for a rock band. Our first born, the eldest son went on to become a renowned guitarist who is still quite famous in the country. And our other brother is also a music teacher. My other two sisters are musicians in other minor capacities.

I discovered the music talent in my last born daughters. She is crazy about music and she is especially crazy about the guitar. Growing up I taught her how to play it and she became quite good. Recently I came across a Seagull Guitar review praising the qualities of the musical instrument. I decided that it would be the perfect gift for her twenty first birthday.

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