For many years now, there has been a lot of emphasis on the importance of being fit. Advertisements on various media have been inundated with products promising to help people lose pounds and get in the shape that they have always dreamed of being. While a lot of those adverts are bogus, it is a fact that getting into shape is a very good thing. A lot of people who have become fit have testified that doing so was the best decision of their lives. In spite of the fact that the advantages of getting into shape are commonly known, it is still not very common to see people actually achieve it. There are several reasons for this, including the lack of sufficient time to exercise, or the finances to maintain a quality gym membership. In consideration of all these factors, many people have turned to their own homes for options with which to get in shape.

Getting into shape at home has many advantages over trying to do the same thing in a gym. First, you are shut away from all the insecurities and fears that you are likely to have if you are at a gym. Since it is only yourself and possibly close family members that will see what you are doing, you are completely free to do as you like in your own house or apartment, without having to wonder what the person next to you thinks. Also, it is a much more convenient option in the sense that you are not restricted by closing or opening hours and can work out anytime you want to.

When you are beginning your journey to getting fit at home, there are two major types of exercises that you will likely be considering: The first are body-weight exercises and the second are those that involve the use of free weights or machines. Body-weight exercises, as the name implies, are those that you do only using your own weight. They include such exercises as push-ups, pull ups, crunches and a lot of others. This type of exercises are every effective, particularly for beginners who are not used to very strenuous exercise. Also, since you do not need any equipment whatsoever for most of them, you will not have to invest any money and can save up to get equipment later on.

When it comes to assisted exercises, free weights are the first things you will likely come across in a home gym. This include barbell, dumbbells, kettle bells and a variety of other forms of weights. With these, you will be able to train your body using resistance exercises that involve moving the weights in a particular patterns, so as to exercise and build the muscles that are in use in that particular motion. Resistance exercises are known to be particularly good for losing weight due to the fact that they require more effort and thus use more energy. You might also consider getting more advanced equipment like a stationary bike, rowing machine or others to use in getting in shape.

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