Generally, it is forecasted that there will be greater prospects in relation to ultrasound technician jobs in 2015. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is predicted that there will be an 18% increase in jobs in the field by the year 2018. This is expected to go up 44% by the year 2020.

Although ultrasound technicians work in various healthcare facilities, the greatest employment prospects seem to lie in hospitals. In 2011, 63% of ultrasound professionals were employed in private hospitals. Private consultancy accounted for 27% of employment places with only 2% working for outpatient health care services. However, with the advancement in technology, outpatient health care providers are expected to account for a larger share of employment places in the coming years. However, positive growth and prospects are expected in all industries currently employing technicians whether the industries are large or small.

In comparison to other health care practitioners, ultrasound techs rank higher in the pay grade. The lowest paid technicians earned $44,950 per annum, while the highest paid made $90, 640 yearly. All other health care workers earned, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, $72, 730 per annum. This is a great salary expectation and a very rewarding career choice as well.

Pursuing a career in gynecology is a very financial intensive and time-consuming process. In the United States, for one to work as a practitioner they are required to take four years of college, four years of medical school and then four years of residency training depending on your specialty. Other areas may require an additional three years. Once in practice, there is hardly time for anything else as gynecologists work full time from 8:00am. To 5:00pm.

However, it does provide some job satisfaction that cannot be quantified in monetary terms. From a medical point of view, it offers the opportunity to share in a family’s greatest and intimate moments. Getting a baby is one of the most enjoyable things other than getting married. A gynecologist gets to share in that experience a hundred times over. Also getting a woman to trust you with the most intimate details of her femininity is a very rewarding experience.

The remuneration is nothing short of satisfying. The median pay for a gynecologist in the United States is $200,000 a year. For those working longer hours and with more work experience and academic qualifications the pay is much higher and can go up to $700,000 per annum. This means that a career in gynecology seems to be not only satisfying but also lucrative for experienced professionals. This is a great career choice for people wanting to study medicine and go into a specialty that is high in demand.


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